Candytime 2015 House of Colins 1957-58
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   Our operation promotes strong work ethic. Positive customer service is instilled in all our workers : friendliness, a pleasant smile, eye contact, a clean and tidy appearance along with company uniform is all part of this. We want our customers to walk away satisfied and know that they have had a positive experience. Family owned and operated, these values have been exemplified for over fifty years. Billbrooke Concessions is considered one of the top independent concessionaires in Canada.

   "We only have a small window of time with our guest, we want to make it a positive experience they will remember."

-Brooke Wray

   Billbrooke Concessions (CandyTime) has been operating at major fairs and exhibitions in Canada since 1979. We take pride in every aspect of our business. We have maintained a clean, friendly and positive work environment with all our concessions. The overall look of the operation is important to us. We believe that presentation, including lighting and flash is necessary to maintain a quality retail image.